Freedive HQ is a Molchanovs Freediving Center offering all courses from Beginner to Professional Instructor level.
 We also offer VIP courses for one-on-one private tuition. 


WAVE 1 – 3.5 DAYS - US$369

The "Wave 1" course is made for beginners. Learn to hold your breath for 1.30 min and descend between 12 and 20 m on a single breath in just 3.5 days !!! The basic elements of freediving are developed here. Our instructors will share their expertise, skills and knowledge to help you to conserve your oxygen, equalize properly, gain more flexibility for depth, and learn how to manage your safety and that of your partners.  
In the freediving course over 3.5 days, you will experience 1 dry practical session, 2 pool
sessions and 3 open water sessions + 1 FREE open water session , at depths of 12 to 20 meters

WAVE 2 - 4.5 DAYS - US$469

Discover new sensations in depth! In Wave 2 you will go to the advanced level to improve your equalization and discover the free-fall to reach new depths with style and ease. At Freedive HQ we have the keys to teaching you Frenzel and we know how to combine with static training and mindfulness which results in relaxed and unforgettable free fall experiences.

During your Wave 2 course, you will experience 1 dry practical session, 2 swimming pool sessions and a minimum 4 open water freediving sessions at depths of 24 to 30 meters.
We also include a FREE 1 Day Molchanovs Crossover Evaluation !!

WAVE 3 - 5.5 DAYS - US$569

Go Deep! The  Master Freediving course takes the 4 core elements of freediving and refines them to suit your personal style: conserve oxygen, equalize at depth, become more flexible and refine your safety skills and autonomy. All freedivers are individual, and as we learn new skills we have very different journeys, so we tailor the program to your needs. The Wave 3 Course will challenge everybody differently.

We have mastered how to teach FRC freediving and Mouthfill EQ to each individual, the key to deep freediving success. It’s easier than you think and more than you can imagine!

During your Wave 3 course you will experience 1 dry practical session, 2 pool sessions and a minimum 5 open water freediving sessions at depths of 34 to 40 metres.
+ FREE 1 Day Crossover Evaluation if needed OR 1 FREE open water session !!


Want to really take the time to discover freediving or to work on your skills ? Check out our packages. Whether you want to dedicate a week, a month or become a professional, we have the right package for you. We can also tailor make programs specially for you. Just let us know what are your objectives, we will help you achieve them!


- 6 DAYS - US$599

Learn the basics and keep going with the WAVE 2 advanced freediver course right after.

You will have the opportunity to learn breathing, stretching for freediving, and go up to 30m days in this 6 days intensive program. You will also learn to develop your Frenzel equalization to take you deeper and of course the best part diving …. Freefall!


- 1 MONTH - US$1249

Take 1 month to discover freediving and learn all the keys to become an expert freediver with a strong focus on safety and making you autonomous in your practice.
You will be introduced to and will practice all disciplines of freediving, Static, Dynamic,
No Fins, Free Immersion and Constant Weight with an experienced Instructor.

You will have the opportunity to learn breathing, stretching for freediving, and go up to 40m in this program. You will also learn Frenzel equalization and the best part of a dive …. Freefall! Deep equalization (Mouthfill) and coaching will be next until you become a confident and autonomous freediver.


– 1 MONTH - US$599

The Freedive HQ Master Training Freediver Program is the culmination of your training program, allowing you to meet your performance and competition goals or preparing you to become a professional Instructor. Each dive session is with an instructor at your buoy so that you can constantly refine your technique. You just have to relax and enjoy your dives. 
You will spend one month training here at our Molchanovs Instructor 
Training centre in Mactan Cebu, Philippines. All our instructors are deep divers who are passionate about freediving and always eager to share their experiences with you. Each dive session is with an instructor providing safety and experienced coaching, making Freedive HQ master training program the best of its kind.

The Master training program combined with Molchanovs Base training will progressively lead you to being autonomous in planning your training and Freediving practice while reinforcing Freediving safety techniques. We will tailor the program designed by our Molchanovs Instructor Trainer to accomplish your objectives throughout the month.
The program includes not only Open Water sessions but also daily Static or Dynamic training as well as dry equalization, stretching and adaptation workouts.


– 3 MONTHS - US$ 2499

Learn freediving from the basics and make a career in the sport you love. The Zero to Hero program is the perfect opportunity for a life change. After perfecting your skills through Wave 1 Freediving , Wave 2 Advanced Freediving and Wave 3 Master Freediving programs, you will take the step to become a professional with this intensive training program to prepare you for your Instructor course.

The Instructor Course will then develop your already great freediving knowledge and skills to a highly professional level.

Accept the challenge today and step-up to professional freediving with Freedive HQ! Throughout the program you will become part of the team and get a real professional experience

All along you will learn with our experienced team of instructors and Instructor trainers.


– 6 MONTHS - US$3999

Our new program designed to bring you a quality of education that no other existing freediving professional program can provide. 6 months to become not only an instructor but get some real experience while still being followed by our team to become an experienced freediver as well.

Learn freediving from the basics and make a career of a sport you love. The Zero to Super Hero program is the perfect opportunity for a life change with the best beginner to instructor program ever over 6 exciting months !!! 
You can this way go through all the courses and training with no stress or rush and get more fun experiences and extra quality  freediving education.

After perfecting your skills through Wave 1 Freediving , Wave 2 Advanced Freediving and Wave 3 Master Freediving programs, you will take an extensive training program whilst also assisting many courses to help prepare you for your Instructor training course.

The Molchanovs Instructor Course will then develop your Freediving knowledge and skills to a highly professional level.

After you become an instructor you then become part of our highly experienced team and you will take the lead to teach several real courses with one of our instructors as assistant. In 6 months, you will also have time to become a much deeper freediver and get experience that no other program gives. 

All along you will learn with an experienced team of instructors and Instructor trainers .


Come and join our training sessions with unlimited access to depth on daily basis and with no extra cost. Whatever your level you will benefit from one of our instructor's experience who will coach you and do your safety.You will be 3 students maximum per instructor to make the most of your session.

All equipment is included. You just have to relax and enjoy your dives. You are welcome to join our daily stretching session before the dives and our Yoga sessions 4 times a week. O2 free for deep dives (>70m)

10 sessions package : US$275



At FREEDIVE HQ, a center recognized worldwide for its professional training and athlete development you will become a professional freediving instructor with  access to excellent work opportunities around the world.
The Molchanovs system offers instructors and students membership to the fastest growing Freediving education and training system ever created !! Designed by World Champion Alexey Molchanov the system is all online which is great for the environment and as Instructors you can also teach independently working anywhere using iPad /phones or even remotely for Instructor training.

The practical workshop approach to training you takes you through a fun and informative set of lessons, all resulting in a much higher learning experience and more fun time in the water to develop basic freediving skills. for teaching.

This is where the magic really happens, as a freediving professional you will be extremely valuable to the freediving industry, you will have the skills to successfully develop a freediving center or work anywhere Independently . You will become a real Apnea pro!

10 DAYS - US$1299

During the 10 days of your Wave 2 Instructor course you will refine your already amazing freediving skills and knowledge to a professional level. As you develop your instructor skills and knowledge you will experience the evaluation process and build bonds with your classmates. Learning in a group environment inspires the greatest response to critique and development; the team spirit will initiate motivation and success as you challenge yourself and your classmates daily.

The Freedive HQ Molchanovs Instructor Course is one of the freediving industry's leading professional programs in the worlds fastest growing Freediving organisation.
You will learn with Guy, our outstanding Instructor Trainer (taught by Thibault Guignés, 120m freediver and skilled teacher). He will share his deep knowledge of Freediving, In water teaching processes, the legal aspects of Freedive training and how to be a successful Freediving Instructor. Take your freediving career to the next level of experience and take on the professional challenge with Freedive HQ !!

4 DAYS - US$549

During your Molchanovs crossover, you will familiarize yourself with the Molchanovs Freediving program and its standards. You will go through a series of academic, pool and open water assessments to assess your abilities as a freediving instructor according to the Molchanovs Freediving System.

You will need to meet the minimum freediving skills requirements to achieve Molchanovs Freediving Instructor status.

Join the fastest growing freediving agency, the only one 100% online, and get involved in the future of freediving! Remote Options available on request !!


2 DAYS - US$449

You are already a Wave 2 Freediving Instructor superstar and you want to upgrade to the Wave 3 Instructor level 2 Come and experience the fun and challenge of teaching your students how to dive deeper, using new skills like FRC diving and Mouthfill equalisation.

The Higher Level is an interactive 2-day seminar where the Wave 3 Freediving Instructor will learn about the course instructional skills, the instructor's manual, the teaching system and the exam process and then be assessed on the dive requirements.

The highest level of instructor awaits you; Go further and get involved at the superstar level at Freedive HQ. Remote Options available on request !!

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