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Freedive HQ is your hub in the Philippines and in Asia for all things freediving, apnea and adventure, with a focus on safety, fun and a quality experience. Freediving, also known as apnea, is by far the most effective way to interact with ocean creatures and experience the underwater reefs and corals that are their home.


Come and join in the adventure of freediving (apnea) and learn from top freedivers, with Thibault Guignés, 105m Freediver, French National Record holder, Member of French Team for 2015 and 2017 World Championships, Winner of Triple Depth competition 2015. Thibault is an experienced Instructor Trainer and Examiner, in charge of writing the freediving programs for RAID Freediving. Thibault is also SSI Instructor Trainer. Benefit from his team’s experience and enjoy learning in one of the best facility in the world.

With FDHQ’s own boat, stretching deck, restaurant, terrace over the ocean, private beach, free paddleboards and bicycles, all of this conveniently located 25 min from Mactan Cebu International airport, we will make your experience here a truly unforgettable moment. Whether you are new to Freediving (Apnea) or an experienced Freediver, our set up with access to depth right in front of the shop, perfect conditions all year-round, and our positive and inspirational instructors will help you open up to new feelings and achieve your objectives.

Whether you’re new to freediving (apnea) or have been living the freedive lifestyle for years, our wide range of courses and training will take your skills and experiences to heights (and depths) you never thought possible. Freedive HQ is a RAID and SSI Freediving High Performance centre, offering all RAID and SSI programs from student to professional instructor level programs but we are not just a school: we are an adventure destination centre.

Freedive HQ is based the top of the Asian Oriental in the stunning Coral Philippine Island of MacTan, Cebu. The Philippines is an archipelago comprising 7,107 tropical islands, home to deep water drop offs, incredible marine life and amazing weather year round. The beautiful Philippines has it all to give you the best apnea and freedive course experience!

We have a huge selection of the latest freediving (apnea) technology and quality apnea equipment from the leading brands available for retail sale or rental use. The Freedive HQ team can accommodate your equipment needs and offer helpful suggestions and professional advice on which gear is right for you.

The perfect place to chill as you will enjoy our terrace over the ocean, our stretching deck and the Freedive HQ healthy restaurant. You will also have access to our private beach located 100 m from the drop off. Feel free to use our Stand UP Paddleboards, Slackline and bicycles …. Mactan is flat (no reason not to go green!) and Cebu mountains are just a little ride away if you want to enjoy great hikes.

Come and enjoy an individual bungalow or get a bed in our dorm directly in the shop. You will be by the sea 24/7 enjoying our great chilling areas and barbecues on the beach. Private terraces and hammocks will make your stay here great vacations. Backpackers bungalows or comfort bungalows available

Check our packages in the freediving courses area

Whalesharks trip, Tropical Waterfalls, Night Dives, fun dives on Marine Sanctuaries along great coral reefs … all of this is available in Freedive HQ on demand. You will also be able to enjoy our free PaddleBoards, bicycles, Slackline on the beach during your stay here. Come and have a drink around a nice BBQ on our private beach after your dives.


Our Crew

FreediveHQ’s champion RAID Freediving Instructors, Adventurers and Hosts are here to make your freediving adventure in The Philippines an experience to remember. They will gladly share their knowledge and passion of freediving (apnea) with you.

Thibault Guignés



You’ll be freediving with a world class instructor when you freedive with Thibault. Not only can he freedive to a breathtaking depth of 105 metres (FIM), but he is the French National Recors holder in Free Immersion. He was selected for the AIDA French team for the 2015 and 2017 World Championship and won the Triple Depth competition in the same year. Thibault is here to make sure you have a great, relaxed experience, and with plenty of fun!




Chris grew up near Toronto, Canada. While  teaching Scuba diving in the Caribbean, he started freediving for fun, often going out in the early morning before his scuba classes began. He quickly realized that the peace and tranquility that can be experienced while diving without a tank was much more enjoyable, and at the same time more challenging. After 2 years and over 300 certifications in Koh Tao, he  made the move to the Philippines. In search of new experiences and hopefully new depths. His favourite part of teaching is seeing the students progressing and becoming more calm and confident freedivers

Benjamin Nicolas

Benjamin Nicolas


A sea lover since birth, being underwater is as natural for Benjamin as it is for fish. He loves to share his passion for freediving with everybody he meets, and always makes sure your experience will be fun but also challenging to help you gain confidence underwater. Besides being an advanced freediving instructor with SSI and RAID, his favorite activities are hiking, swimming and sailing.




Arthur comes from Nice, West Mediterranean’s top Freediving hotspot, where he grew up in the blue. As a graduated video-journalist, he participated in 2012’s Depth World Championships in the organization team where he got deeply bewitched into apnea. He is truly dedicated to his students, their confidence and their improvement. Outgoing and social, he will make you feel at home right away !


FDHQ Super Staff


At Freedive HQ we pride ourselves on our wonderful local Staff. They will make your stay special, Judith, Rowena, Lorlin and Diana are Local Filipinas, dedicated and skilled at cooking local and international cuisine in the FDHQ Café, Service oriented and knowledgeable on everything Freediving and with bundles of local Knowledge, The FDHQ Staff are the best, fun, always smiling and true professionals, They look forward to making sure your Philippines holiday with us is totally awesome!








Formed and trained in Freedive HQ over 2017, Charlie is a former scuba professionnal, who loves to share his experience and passion about freediving. Adventurous, curious, adaptable, he was also a paratrooper in the french military, and has been travelling a lot for a few years. He will always make sure you have a good time diving, and that you exceed your expectations safely



Heng Zhou



Our courses

FreediveHQ is a RAID High Performance Centre offering all RAID Freediving (Apnea) courses from Beginner to Professional Instructor level. We also offer VIP courses for one-on-one private tuition. 

FreediveHQ is also the spot in Asia to go professional with SSI Freediving. All courses from Try Freediving to SSI Freediving Instructor are available as well as specialty courses. Monofin, Training techniques, Free Immersion, Variable weight, and Marine Ecology specialties are taught at Freedive HQ.

You can start your course before you arrive at FreediveHQ. Start now and register today! Just select FreediveHQ as your dive centre once you finish registration.

Freediving courses

FDHQ Courses

Whether you’re new to freediving (apnea) or have been living the freedive lifestyle for years, our wide range of courses and training will take your skills and experiences to heights (and depths) you never thought possible. 

freediving specialties

FDHQ Specialties

Want to discover new skills and new ways of freediving or go deeper into the knowledge of your favorite discipline ? We offer specialty courses in Freedive HQ : Surf Survival, Monofin, Variable Weight, Training techniques and Free Immersion are available in Freedive HQ for a lot of fun, individually or as packages.

freediving packages


Want to really take the time to discover freediving or to work on your skills ? Check out our packages. Whether you want to dedicate a week, a month or become a professional, we have the right package for you. We can also tailor make programs specially for you. Just let us know what are your objectives, we will help you achieve them!

Professional Freediving

The FDHQ Trained freediving instructor is the most highly sort after freediving (Apnea) professional in the world, with great work opportunities in many different countries & cultures around the globe. Our System system offers instructors and students the total teaching system, full color professional E teaching materials, totally online and environment friendly, you can start today at home or out and about on your ipad or smart phone! Our workshop approach to instructor training leads to a fun and highly informative course , all resulting in a much higher learning experience and more fun time in the water to develop the core freediving (apnea) skills for teaching. This is where the magic really happens, as a Freediving professional you will be extremely valuable to the freediving (apnea) industry and have the proper skills to develop successful freediving business, training and travel, a true freediving pro!

Located seaside 15 minutes from the MacTan international Airport CEBU, we offer freedivers depths from 10 metres to over 100 metres in the warm, clear tropical waters full of corals and sea life.

FreediveHQ is located in CEBU on the bustling and busy seaside paradise of Mactan Island – with access to all the exciting nightlife, shopping and restaurants, situated amongst 5 star hotels and eco-accommodation resorts.

Freedive HQ is right by the seaside with instant deep water access. You can fly into Mactan Cebu Airport, be checked in and underwater in less than 30 minutes! We are a state of the art freediving facility with café, bar and all mod cons, plus we have accommodation directly by the shop in our bungalows. But, book early, as it fills up fast!

To get here, simply fly in to CEBU – Mactan International Airport. If you wish we can organize your transfer from Mactan Cebu airport to meet you and bring you directly to Freedive HQ or your selected accommodation.

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